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Tim Gieseke is the founder and president of Ag Resource Strategies, LLC. The company was designed as a vehicle to assist in the development of an outcome-based resource management process for agriculture, agribusiness, and agri-industry as well as to align these activities with the governmental and non-profit organizations that provide the necessary support for effective resource management to occur.

Tim relied on his experience as a farmer, soil & water conservation district staff, farm bill policy analyst, and his master�s degree in environmental sciences to develop a comprehensive and effective approach in integrated resource management.

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Tim has provided leadership that included serving on local, state, regional and national positions. He has served locally as a city councilman, planning commission member, and lake association president. At the state level he participated on the Impaired Waters Stakeholders Group, NRCS State Technical Committee, advisor to the Board of Water & Soil Resources and the Environmental Quality Board Water Resources Committee and a member of the Minnesota Governor�s Climate Change Advisory Group serving on the Ag, Forestry and Waste technical work group. In 2013 he ran as the House of Representative candidate for the Independence Party of Minnesota.

At the national level he served on the NACD Board representing the Midwest region, participated in the UN Foundation�s Solutions From the Land Dialogue and is currently a member of the Chesapeake Bay BMP Verification Panel. In 2011, he released, EcoCommerce 101: Adding an ecological dimension to the economy, a book that describes in concept and detail how the agro-ecological system and the agro-economic system can be integrated.

Since his book release he has participated in and spoken at several state, national and international conferences addressing economic and ecological values. He has applied the ecocommerce concept and continually refines the process.

Tim grew up on his parent's dairy and crop farm and he and his wife Jenny have taken the opportunity to return to the farm and to farming. Their three boys are the 5th generation of the family to be on the farm.

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