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Welcome to the LEQA Program�s General Access page

With the links on the right you can download and view LEQA documents and files. Producers that would like to register for the program can download and print Producer Registration Form and mail to Ag Resource Strategies, LLC along with the $225 registration fee.

Brochures can be downloaded and printed. Ag Resource Strategies can also develop a LEQA marketing strategy specifically for your needs and can provide funds for printing, mailing and other costs.

The Certification Standards Booklet is 40 pages in length and contains the information necessary to complete an on-farm assessment except for the three computation spreadsheets used to determine Habitat, a Water Quality Score and the MinnFARM. They can be accessed by using the Cert Standards tabs.

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The 5-Star Criteria list the operational management requirements the agricultural operational components of Farm, Farmstead, Livestock Facilities, Fields & Pastures and Forest & Wooded Areas as they pertain to Soil Quality, Water Quality, Habitat, Odor & Air and Community Image.

The 3-Star Criteria list the operational management requirements the agricultural operational components of Farm, Farmstead, Livestock Facilities, and Fields & Pastures as they pertain to Water Quality.

The LEQA Consortium Stakeholder lists includes those entities that are involved with either advisory or observatory roles.

The LEQA Technician list includes the individuals and organizations that are certified to conduct LEQA Assessments and Assurances. They include both public and private sector agricultural and conservation professionals. Producers can either select the technician they want or AgRS can assign them one.

Livestock Environmental Quality Assurance Program


The Livestock Environmental Quality Assurance (LEQA) Program is a voluntary program for livestock producers to assist producers in the assessment of their management practices for water, soil, odor & air, habitat and community image concerns with the intentions to provide the producers with a means to capture the value of resource management assurance. Generating this value for the producer will be the result of creating a succinct and transparent assurance process that is accepted and communicates well to the government, industry, processors and other resource stakeholders.


Livestock producers enrolled in the program receive a natural resource Assessment (valued at $1000) conducted by using the categories of Farm, Farmstead, Livestock Facility, Fields & Pasture and Forests & Wooded Areas. This Assessment is accompanied by an Action Plan that describes what measures can be taken to meet the LEQA 5-Star Certification Standards, along with a $900 voucher that the producer can elect what issues they want to address. The voucher can be applied toward certification assistance delivered by the LEQA Technician. Upon completion of the Action Plan at the producer�s own pace, a Certification Walkthrough is conducted by a LEQA representative and a feedlot officers if necessary to ensure feedlot compliance. An Annual Review will be conducted initially to provide on-going assurance with the goal of the LEQA providing �reasonable assurance� to numerous stakeholders.


Organizations, businesses, governments and society in general have become much more concerned of the natural resources and how they are being managed. This version of the LEQA is built upon a multi-stakeholder collaboration that was lead by the MMPA several years ago and is now evolving toward a process that uses assessment tools developed by industry, government and universities. Using common assessment tools allows stakeholders to gravitate toward a more unified system that benefits both stakeholders and producers. It is the initial goal of the LEQA Program is to provide assurance to governmental entities that farms are being management to protect the environment.