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EcoCommerce ® Framework

EcoCommerce ® Framework is a set of services provided by Ag Resource Strategies, LLC aiming at an economic framework for buyers and sellers to exchange values for ecological services or ecoservices as well as identifying roles for supporting stakeholders. This framework utilizes indexed platforms to advance ecoservices valuations such as sustainable energy consumption, clean water, productive soil, wildlife, carbon sequestration and other attributes that traditionally have not been included within the economic system or valued.

Ag Resource Strategies, LLC can provide the knowledge and expertise to construct this new economic framework at the scale(s) required to deliver these new values. This framework is constructed by identifying the valuation pathways of your business and its partners and by using a broad view of values that are emerging from government, corporate, and NGO entities.


As an integration of systems, the EcoCommerce® Framework horizon is as broad as a new discipline and the breadth of the content and components are similarly encompassing.

  • Business / Policy Value Solutions.
    • Enterprise Value Solutions

      EcoCommerce® Framework provided by Ag Resource Strategies, LLC will allow business entities to adopt, implement, assess, and adjust short, middle, and long term business framework designed to better estimate, allocate, and utilize business resources and resulting outputs by utilizing its proprietary arithmetic indexing system.

    • Policy Value Solutions

      Through EcoCommerce® Framework, Ag Resource Strategies, LLC also provides policy makers and government agencies with an efficient mechanism to framework the allocation, usage, and assessment of the public goods and resources.

  • Education / Training Services.
    • Executive Education Services

      Through EcoCommerce® Framework, Ag Resource Strategies, LLC provides executive education services to the directors, managers, and top executives of business enterprises for their understanding, adoption, implementation, and assessment of EcoCommerce® Framework as customized to serve and maximize each of their enterprise value.

    • Technical Training Services

      Through EcoCommerce® Framework, Ag Resource Strategies, LLC offers technical education and training necessary to the management and workforce to implement and perform EcoCommerce® Framework.

    • Academic Curriculum Services

      Using the extensive research foundation that was used to write EcoCommerce 101 and the experience gained in the application of ecocommerce concepts in the real world, Ag Resource Strategies, LLC provides the EcoCommerce® Framework Training, to develop curriculum for university graduate and undergraduate programs to meet the needs of your university and college courses. The content exemplifies a cross-disciplinary approach with new concepts such as "Symbiotic Demand".

      This curriculum will be used as the foundation for EcoCommerce® Framework Training designed to provide skill bases required to occupy specific vertical and horizontal niches in this new valuation network.

  • Technical Consulting / Advisory Services.
    • Sustainability Solutions

      Ag Resource Strategies, LLC possess intellectual property accumulated over the years by designing and managing various governmental and private projects to framework and assess sustainability of environmental and resource related matters. Based on such experience, skill, and know-how, Ag Resource Strategies, LLC proudly presents EcoCommerce® Framework to private and public businesses and governmental organizations for the provision of technical consulting and advisory in conjunction with designing and managing the sustainability program tailor made to support your needs.

    • Exchange Solutions

      Vocations directly related to niches in an EcoCommerce® Framework include developing ecosystem service portfolios associated with components, such as the AGEQA® Platform. These portfolios will provide the basis in process of segregation and aggregation of ecosystem services and enhancing their values through natural capital management, credit stacking and valuation stacking. EcoCommerce® Framework provided by Ag Resource Strategies, LLC has the capacity to generate multiple valuation streams and capture symbiotic demand. As an example, EcoCommerce® Framework Registry contains this novel feature to capitalize on the symbiotic nature of the natural economy systems. This allows a sufficient value to return to the ecosystem service producer while lowering the cost for the ecosystem service buyer whether that is government, corporations or NGO entities. EcoCommerce® Framework Registry will be coordinated with platforms to generate an additional value plateau through eco-geo-intelligence. It is this novel data management strategy that spawns the supply-and-demand components for all geo-based transactions on multiple scales, using stacked valuation processes and ecosystem service credits, for multiple end-users, simultaneously. EcoCommerce® Framework integrates the principle economic and ecological features to create these additional values for clients. The values will be captured through transactions supported by the EcoCommerce® Framework Exchange and Clearinghouse. Ag Resource Strategies, LLC offers EcoCommerce® Framework to private and public businesses and governmental organizations for the designing and managing all of these components and mechanisms necessary for the EcoCommerce® Framework Registry and EcoCommerce® Framework Exchange and Clearinghouse customized and developed for your specific need and situation. Ag Resource Strategies, LLC can serve the wide range of clients with needs beginning with organizing valuation and credit portfolios and ending with multi-regional or global eco-geo-intelligence systems.

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