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Ag Resource Strategies, LLC has developed and now is offering the AGEQA™ to government agencies, business enterprises, and private or public organizations.

The AGEQA™ is as set of services based on a unique and proprietary index and arithmetic indexing system developed by Ag Resource Strategies, LLC comprising multilateral economic, commercial, and environmental resources and factors (each referred to as “AGEQA™ Factor”) that are selected and customized to fit the policy and business goals of the end users of the AGEQA™. Each AGEQA™ Factor is selected based not only on its own characteristics and functionality, but also its ability to compensate or organically relate to other AGEQA™ Factors to maximize the overall output, efficiency, and gain that may not otherwise be achievable through the management of each factor or resource on an individual basis. Once compiled into the AGEQA™, each AGEQA™ Factor will fuse to each other to create the most synergetic co-relation to accomplish the policy goals and business objectives in the multitudes of ways and means that may best fit to the circumstances and resources of each individual stakeholder and participant in your business. The key to success is the intelligence to formulate the most appropriate algorithm of AGEQA™ Factors tailored to your goals and objectives.

-Technical Consulting/Advisory Services

  • Turnkey Project Services

    The AGEQA™ allows Ag Resource Strategies, LLC to design, implement, assess and evaluate such governance model tailored to accomplish your specific policy goals and business objectives. Within the AGEQA™ diagram lays the traditional conservation delivery system. This governance model is represented by the four boxes: Ag Management Plan, Technical and Financial Assistance, Conservation Inputs, and Natural Resource Inputs. Following is an illustration of this process:

    • Compile the list of stakeholders within the particular geographical area that have common objectives related to producing an outcome. This task would define the watershed, cellulosic shed or other geographical area that is related to the client’s objectives. For example, if the issue is for a watershed TMDL then the watershed district, state or federal agency associated with the plan or regulation would define the goals and stakeholders within that area. If the issue is related to a “sustainability” level that is desired by a processor or industry, then the land area that supplies the food, feed, fuel or fiber stocks would be the defined area.
    • Identification of quantifiable benchmark and outcomes and the means to assess the resources related to those outcomes.
    • Develop a singular resource template that can address the needs of conservation and regulatory agencies at local, state and federal levels, non-profits and private sectors.
    • Align the assessment template with the traditional conservation delivery system programs, including resource management planning.
    • Identify conservation and agricultural professionals within the area of concern that have the individual and organizational capacity to conduct assessments, develop directional action plans and provide assurance documentation.
    • Develop and implement training for agricultural and conservation professionals to complete assessments, directional plans, assurance documentation and annual confirmation.
    • Manage data for assessment and assurance documentation, incorporation of data privacy needs, compile data to create landscape intelligence and ensure annual confirmation and updating assessment and assurance data.
    • Identify third-party (public or private entity) for auditing assurance.
    • Provide consultation on identifying values associated with resource management objectives and link values to end-users.
    • Evaluation of overall process, components and stakeholder roles and responsibilities.
    • Update/Renew/Revise plan on regular basis to ensure that each of these processes are tailored to specific needs and can evolve as the process matures. Additional illustration of the services and products provided by Ag Resource Strategies, LLC is available at AGEQA™ and Governance Model
- Business/Policy Value Package
  • Enterprise Value Package

    The AGEQA™ will equip the decision makers with tools to tabulate the individual performance of each individual production step, component, and participant into the optimal output and accomplishment of policy goals and business objectives in a more sensible and manageable way.

  • Policy Value Package

    Through AGEQA™ Ag Resource Strategies, LLC also provides policy makers and government agencies with an efficient mechanism to communicate the level of resource management.

- Education/Training Services
  • Executive Education Services

    Through AGEQA™, Ag Resource Strategies, LLC provides executive education services to the directors, managers, and top executives of business enterprises for their understanding, adoption, implementation, and assessment of resource management as customized to serve and maximize their objectives.

  • Technical Training Services

    Through AGEQA™, Ag Resource Strategies, LLC offers technical education and training necessary to the management and workforce to implement and perform objectives of AGEQA™.

  • Academic Curriculum Services
  • Using the extensive research and experience gained in the application of resource assessment concepts in the real world, Ag Resource Strategies, LLC provides the AGEQA™ Training, to develop curriculum for government agencies and corporations.

Ag Resource Strategies, LLC can provide leadership and expertise to organize the AGEQA™ delivery structure for any particular entity, whether that is a private business, government entity, non-profit or industry. With experience in watershed research, landscape and conservation practice design, agricultural production, local government, state and federal policy, agribusiness management and extensive research related to authoring EcoCommerce 101, Tim Gieseke can organize the necessary partners to identify the stakeholders and components needed to complete the AGEQA™ diagram. This group can consist of a narrowly focused industry or several entities with common objectives and working relationships.

For more detailed information on AGEQA™, please contact us at 507-359-1889 or e-mail us using the Contact AgRS page at